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The Viral TikTok Self Tan Remover Now Available At



 We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Rose & Caramel, a renowned professional tanning brand.

Chances are you've come across this remarkable tanning brand on social media.

If you're new to Rose & Caramel, read on to discover the fascinating journey of this groundbreaking professional tanning remover...


The Genesis
The visionary behind Rose & Caramel, Rosie Greenhalgh, embarked on her journey in 2010, right in her own kitchen. A serendipitous encounter with a medical herbalist introduced Rosie to the world of skincare and product development in the tanning industry at that time. She embarked on an ambitious mission to craft the ultimate tanning range. After numerous trials on fortunate salon clients, Rosie uncovered the extraordinary benefits of a cream-based tanning solution that sprayed as effortlessly as a water-based tan. Thus, the unique Rose and Caramel tan was born!

As the world's pioneer cream-based tanning solution, Rose & Caramel flawlessly sprays through any spray tanning machine, providing comprehensive coverage that deeply penetrates the epidermis layer, resulting in a long-lasting, multidimensional tan & Removers. 

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