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Sosu HIDDEN AGENDA Lashes - original

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  •  Hidden Agenda lashes are specially designed for lash application underneath the natural lash line to create an undetectable finish.

    These double lash clusters are super lightweight and allow complete customisation. With 3 different lash lengths (10mm, 12mm, 14mm) these lashes are the perfect way to create a customised lash-look of your choice that add length & dimension & lasts up to 3 dayswith maintenance.

    Designed with a natural curl to blend perfectly to your lashes. Bond the double cluster to your natural lash, resulting in an undetectable finish. 

    Included is a super long lasting under lash adhesive with an ulta-thin brush for percise application with professional results.


    ✔Super lightweight

    ✔Lasts up to 3 Days with maintenance 

    ✔3 different lash lengths: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm

    ✔Complete Customisation

    ✔Luxury Synthetic Fibres 


    PRO TIP: For lasting results avoid using eye make up removing products / water directly under your lash line.


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