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  • Get that Professional Look 

    Create a flawless makeup look using the BiaBelle Bespoke Blender. The unique design of the Blender allows you to blend, as well as sculpt your makeup for a beautiful flawless finish. Blend your makeup using the large base of the sponge, and use the top angled parts of the sponge for a more defined look, perfect for the nose area and contouring.  

    Can be used with powders, creams, concealers, primers & more!


  • Dip into water and then squeeze out the excess

    The Bespoke Blender will now double in size

    Apply makeup and blend with the BiaBelle Bespoke Blender using a patting motion

    The side parts and base are perfect for forehead, cheeks and neck

    The top part is perfect for chin, nose and eye area


    • Ultra Soft Material
    • Doubles in size when wet 
    • Perfect for blending & sculpting 
    • Recyclable 

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