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Bellamianta Gradual Face Tanning Serum

  • Bellamianta's Gradual Hyaluronic Face Tanning Serum is formulated with patented peptides and proven ingredients to not only create a flawless and radiant glow but also with actives such as Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides which are known to help plump the skin and improve signs of ageing as well as Niacinamide which is known to help visibly improve pores and uneven skin tone. 

    - Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Intensely hydrates & plumps.

    - Sodium Hyaluronate smooths out fine lines.

    - Patented Peptides proven to reduce wrinkles in 1 month.

    - Niacinamide visibly improves enlarged pores & uneven skin tone.

    - Antioxidants full of extracts rich in vitamins B, C & E.

    Bursting with natural extracts, all of our formulas are clean and non-toxic, perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Apply 2-3 drops to cleansed face and neck for light to medium glow. Ensure to wash hands after application. For a darker glow, add up to 5 drops.


    Formula Serum


    Size 30ml
    Perfect For


    All Skin Types
    Key Features


    Intensely hydrates & plumps
    Smoothes out fine lines
    Reduces wrinkles in 1 month
    Improves uneven skin tone
    Vitamins B, C & E

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