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Jenny Glow Perfumes

The Jenny Glow range is an innate celebration of the fragility yet robustness of nature. The fragrances take inspiration from the natural world around us, picking on the beautiful scents of the ecosphere and mixing them into spectacular concoctions. Garnered form the absolute oils of pure natural ingredients, these fragrances hold within them the beauty, mysteries and love of nature’s remarkable bounty. The fragrance of life!

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Behind the brand

Behind the brand are sisters Jane & Katie O'Connor, who themselves are true beauty aficionados.

When speaking about their fragrance brand Jenny Glow, Jane said “Back in 2015 we came up with the concept of providing high-quality fragrances at an affordable price. We wanted a range that not only smelled great but also lasted. The strength and longevity of the scent needed to be as important to you as the smell itself.”
“We launched Jenny Glow initially with 8 different scents. When the first shipment arrived we expected it would achieve high sales but we could never have envisioned it selling as well as it did. Our Pomegranate scent sold out within the first few weeks. The demand was so high that we immediately started working on our new fragrances and after only 12 months we added on 4 new scents. We are now delighted to have an amazing 27 unique Jenny Glow fragrances available.”

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