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Color WOW

How is Color Wow totally different from other hair care brands?
When it comes to hair colour, Color Wow is the ingredient police – the first to ban “colour corrupters” found in most haircare and styling products. They have identified and banned over 60 ingredients because they can stain and distort hair colour.

Protect your natural or colour-treated hair and Discover Color Wow's premium, award-winning products.

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Behind The Brand

Color Wow CEO and founder, Gail Federici, has been advancing the art, science and business of hairdressing with game-changing new products. Products that are industry-firsts, have no equivalents, and have one thing in common: every single formula is a groundbreaking solution for a widespread, unmet problem.

In the past, Gail created the first “prescriptive brands” to fix frizz and brighten blonde. Now she has turned her “problem-solving” focus to the salon industry’s most burgeoning and challenging category: colour-treated hair.

Determined to give hairdressers smarter, faster, safer ways to style this specific hair type, and achieve never-before possible results, led Gail to create a totally new, radically inventive range of technologies.

Color Wow is a compact, capsule collection of groundbreaking, problem-solvers for colour-treated hair. Fewer formulas, higher performance. Color Wow has won an unprecedented 70 beauty awards.

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