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  • Sculpt and lift your brows in seconds, using the SOSU Cosmetics Brow Glue and precision comb.

    Laminated fluffy brows are so easy with this perfect duo!

          ✓ Sculpted Brows in Seconds                                                                          

          ✓ Long Lasting Laminating Effect

          ✓ Water Resistant

  • 1. Starting with one brow, apply a small amount of product using the applicator.

    2.Using side 1 of the double-ended brush, comb through the brows in an upwards motion to achieve a laminated effect.

    3.Using side 2 of the comb, gently press down on the brows in an upwards motion to set the hairs in place.

    4.Repeat the steps above on the other brow.

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