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NOTE BB Concealer

  • Note BB Concealer protects the fragile under eye area over time. Formulated with natural ingredients to even the skin tone and remove discolouration, this is one of our favourites! Wheat Germ helps skin to look younger and healthier. Citrus skin and Grape extract help diminish dark spots. Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals. Sunflower Oil helps to even the skin tone. BB Concealer is 100% paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

    BB Concealer recommended for all skin types even for hypersensitive skin, for any age.

    For hygienic reasons (the eye area is very sensitive) you can apply gently with a clear brush for a better result. It should be applied with light brush strokes on dark circles around eyes. It also can be applied to eyelids for mild brown eyelids (thin eyelids where the veins are visible). After making sure that the eye area is clean, spread some product first with fingertips and then apply with buffer movements. Can be used as an illuminator for the eye contour, lip and supra nasal areas.

    Moisturizes, protects and provides a natural glow to eye contour. The special formula enriched Vitamin E and wheat germ which helps protect eye contour while grape extract and sunflower oil help diminish dark spots and uneven complexion around the eye contour.

    Not sure what shade is for you? Match to your favourite foundation through Findation

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