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Are you a Makeup Artist? A Beauty Professional? Nail Technician? Hairdresser? Cosmetic Injector?  IF so we would love to have your services listed on our site. We are asked daily for recommdations which led us to here. We want to direct our customers to our services page where they can find all the best professionals in one place. 


By listing your professional beauty services on our site, you are making it easier for potential customers to access your services directly. Customers can browse your services, prices and availability, and then make a booking request from the comfort of their own home or office whilst they are shopping on our site. This eliminates the need for you or your staff to take phone calls or respond to email inquiries, saving you time and allowing you to focus on providing the best possible service to your clients.


In addition, having your services listed on a reputable site can also help to boost your visibility and credibility, and attract new customers who are searching for beauty services in your area. By providing detailed descriptions and images of your services, you can showcase your skills and expertise. Also, we are happy to share availability you may need to fill on our social media platforms inclusive of the yearly fee. 


Overall, listing your professional beauty services on our site can help streamline your booking process, attract new customers, and increase your overall revenue.


We look forward to working together. 


What we need from you: 

  • A link to the service you are providing. example your booking page or home page of your website. 
  • Company Logo 
  • Company Name
  • Directors Name
  • Phone Number 
  • Email Address


We will be in contact when the page is ready to go live. Lead time 7days for upload. 



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