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Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Foundation Looking Glowy (and Not Greasy) in the Hottest Months

There is a fine line between "sweaty" and "glowy," which becomes harder and harder to navigate as the summer months creep along and temperatures—in Australia at least—skyrocket toward the mid-40s. Foundation has always been a challenging thing to navigate in summer, because how is it even possible to maintain that type of look when grease and sweat are pretty much permanent skin fixtures from November through March?

Here are our tips on how to keep skin looking glowy—not sweaty—throughout the summer months.

Don't forget to wear sunscreen: Yet another reason to make sunscreen a part of your a.m. routine: It can help mattify your look when the weather is trying to do otherwise. We recommend to use a facial sunscreen that is gel-based to help blur pores and cut shine.

Pick the right products: During the summer months, you'll want to choose foundations that will help mattify your inevitable sweat situation instead of greasing you up and making you look more sweaty. "Steer away from using any foundations that have shimmer or a 'luminous' finish to them, which can sometimes turn oily looking in the heat, Instead opt for a lighter, water-based formula or something with a matte finish. Two foundations we would recommend is Sculpted by Aimee Second Skin Matte Foundation & NOTE Mattifying Extreme Wear Foundation

Don'r forget the concealer: One way to keep foundation from getting greasy?

Even out your skin tone with a concealer & spot cover, Apply the concealer in a triangle beneath your eyes, around the edges of your nose, across your chin, and on any other blemishes you want to hide. "A little bit of product can truly go a long way. Our favourite product is Sculpted Brighten Up Liquid Concealer

Mix in some primer: There's an easy way to keep your foundation from caking. "Get a glowing-from-within look by mixing your favourite hydrating, lightweight, and pearly primer with your liquid foundation,"Simply use a 60 to 40 ratio of primer to foundation and apply it to your skin as you normally would. This will give your face a dewy appearance that doesn’t look heavy and won’t melt off in the sun." Some great buys are Beauty base Primer NOTE Skin Perfecting Primer Perfection Primer - Face Primer Dripping Gold Shimmer Face Base - Rose

Keep the 'glow' away from the center of your face: Instead of highlighting all over, focus the dewy-looking stuff on your cheek bones and temples instead. "You can keep your matte products focused in the center of your complexion to control oil, and then add dimension to your skin by adding cream or luminous products to the outer parts of your skin.

Use a powder: To keep those non-dewy points as grease-free as possible, opt for a powder. Use it on the center of your forehead, the sides of your nose (near the inner cheeks), and at the center of your chin for best results. And if you're worried about your eye makeup running, you can also put a light dusting of translucent powder under your eyes to help keep things in place. Two amazing powders to choose from Sosu Face Focus Loose Setting Powder NOTE Translucent Powder

Add a setting spray: In addition to feeling oh-so-refreshing, setting spray will work its magic to keep your makeup in place all day long. "It will lock in your look, reduce shine, and help your makeup last longer throughout the day for an instant refresh. Products we recommend Sosu Aideen Kate Perfecting Mist 3in1 Hyaluronic Skin Mist

Enjoy your summer looks, please send us some snaps if you try any of our tips, tricks & products x