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Benefits of Moisturising And Tanning

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Moisturizing and tanning can have many benefits for keeping skin healthy and looking young. Learning the best techniques and methods will allow you to get the most out of your routine.

Top Benefits for Regular Moisturising

Rehydrating dry skin. Water is a vital part of the proper functioning of the skin. The regular application of a moisturiser can help rehydrate the skin and will also prolong the continuation of your tan.

Anti ageing benefits. Healthy and hydrated skin produces a glow. That glow is what makes your skin look and feel younger. Well-hydrated skin will also show fewer wrinkles & prevent the tan from lodging in any creases.

Changes in skin reactivity and barrier properties. Creating hydrated and healthy skin will help the skin protect itself. Troubled skin will react to the environment and even stress situations. Active moisturizing can help reduce those reactions.

Relieve itching and flaking. Dry, itchy skin makes you want to scratch, and too much scratching can lead to wounds that get infected. Heavy, thick creams will protect the skin and provide the moisture that will reduce the itching and flaking, alway exfoliate lightly and wait 24hours before applying your tan.

To get the most benefits from applying moisturizer, choose a time when you are still damp from your bath or shower. Your skin is already plump with the moisture from the water and adding the moisturizer on top of that will help to lock in the moisture. Happy Tanning!


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