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Dealing with dry hair and split ends can be a real hassle. Help is at hand: Learn how to repair your damaged hair with Schwarzkopf products.


Behind the brand

In a small drugstore in Berlin, Hans Schwarzkopf had no idea when he was crafting groundbreaking products and discovering new haircare innovations that his name would one day be known worldwide and his products would reach over 150 countries. Now part of Henkel, Schwarzkopf is one of the most internationally successful brands.

A brand of firsts, Schwarzkopf’s rich history is defined by innovations. The first dry shampoo, the first liquid shampoo, the first hairspray, the first cold perm, the first home colour product. Over 120 years later and the brand is still striving to improve the consumers’ haircare experience with every new product they create. Leading where others follow and encouraging people to showcase the best version of themselves, they proudly provide the tools needed for everyone to embrace and celebrate their individuality.

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